25 Replies to “Ashley Young // Welcome To Manchester United 2011 // HD”

  1. i say we needed someone more like nani and park. both of them are more creative than valencia, who sends only in 50 crosses a game. glad young joined

  2. @TehMadzehh You know something? Your highly persuasive and well constructed argument has completely´╗┐ altered my perception of Ashley Young, well done. Idiot…

  3. United fan here – Admired Ashley Young for a while now, really happy’s he joined. Fantastic on set pieces and him and Nani will tear apart weaker teams away from home, which is something we struggled with last season. I expect a big season from this boy, really excited to see him in action on Sunday (Hopefully)

  4. @MadSkeelz16 Yes but most of those are youth, or inexperienced in the Premiership, which is why Young would be in the 25 man squad. Plus, the addition of Jones and Young balances out the loss of home nation players Brown, Corry Evans (althouh he wasn’t in the squad) and O’Shea (plus Gibson and Johnny Evans may well be off, which would put United on the limits of the “homegrown” rule). Admittedly we do have Cleverley breaking into the first squad too, but I think Ferguson is being cautious.

  5. @MadSkeelz16 Oh I’m unfortunately well aware of who Ashley Young is. I was simply stating that if these were all someone could pick out as highlights, then it adds immeasurable weight to my argument that Ashley Young is at best an average player. At worst, he is simply there to appease a ridiculous rule of a minimum number of British players in the squad.

  6. @fascinesta you surely can’t be serious?? …. don’t you know who Ashley Young is?? …. basing your entire opinion on a video that you don’t even like is stupid and I would have thought that as a football fan, you already know he’s better than this. Honestly !!

  7. These are his HIGHLIGHTS?! Spending half the time on his arse in the box, knocking in a couple of penalties, and a few long rangers which were more luck than judgement? I saw two half decent goals there at best. I worry about the future of United, especially if this over-hyped, over-priced waste of a shirt is played ahead of Valencia, Park or Nani. Hell, even Obertan and Bebe have more potential than this joker…

  8. @Bluemoon34NDJ I’m a United fan, and I agree that Young is a waste of money. Jones will slot right into the reserves too, so hopefully johnny Evans can fuck off…

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