26 Replies to “Chelsea 1-3 Manchester United – Fabio Capello and Michael Carrick”

  1. @ZzTobyZ Agreed. Fergie hasn’t got too many decisons wrong but offering Carrick a new contract is one. He’s a passenger in the team. He’s a decent passer when he has time but if he is closed down quickly and is forced into making a quick pass, he loses the ball. Personally, I think he was a better player at spurs than he’s been for united.

  2. Carrick isn’t good enough for this club, as a Man United fan and he does nothing for england, he needs to go. to a lesser club he’s been with the heavy weights for too long

  3. How Gareth Barry makes it in the squad (never mind the starting XI) over Carrick is beyond me. Barry is a decent midfield, but there is no better English holding midfielder than Carrick – Rio and Vidic will tell you that themselves.

  4. That was world cup drama, due to fabio not using Carrick when he cleary should, Rooney and carrick play together, no put gerrad and rooney 2 ether when they clearly have NO chemistry.

  5. why would he want to call u any fabio? you would only leave him sitting on a bench, while you field barry and milner two players who are at best very very average.

  6. @ReggaeZal Fergie is Scottish through and through, i wouldn’t go as far as to suggest racism but i doubt he would ever take a job as England manager, even if he would he is the manager of Manchester United and he probably has the safest managerial position anywhere in any league of Football, unlike other managers it will be on his own terms when he leaves because he will retire. So put simply he isn’t a viable candidate.The only person that could spark us is Jose Mourinho which will never happen

  7. Capello said to Michael Carrick, “I thought you were injured” and after Capello says he’ll call him to make it into the final squad for the next England match.

  8. @CescBarca Its not that england cant find the english coaches. NO english coach wants to take the job. you know something is wrong when even ferguson rejected to manage england.

  9. capello should resign, because not even he could turn this bunch of no hopers into winning, and let face it, he been a winner EVERYWHERE he has went except england, but then that not a surprise, Capello is one of the greatest managers of all time allready, fact.

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