Dunga dont consider Paulo as someone who can Coach

The manager of Brazil national football team, Dunga, does not think that Paulo Henrique Ganso is the player that suits to his coaching style.

According to Dunga, he believes in counter attacking football and only wants those players who can play that kind of game.

Ganso is a bit of a languid player, who at times is very pleasing to the eye, but, in high-intensity matches, he can become the weak link for his side.

Dunga has actually never liked Ganso that much as a player.

The 25-year old midfielder was a contender to be selected for the Selecao for the World Cup 4 years ago, but, Dunga left him out.

At that time, it was thought to be a fair enough move as Ganso was very young. But, he has made some strides since then.

But, definitely, he hasn’t been able to make enough improvement to impress Dunga.

When Selecao in-charge was asked about Ganso the other day, he said, “Paulo is a different sort of player who probably does not suit to the modern game as much as some of the other guys do. Nowadays, playing collective football is very important.”

“If you want someone to develop, you should not talk too much about him. In Brazil, we often hype about the youngsters. The minute somebody produces a good performance at the domestic level, the talks start going on whether he should be called up to the senior team. These things don’t help the young players.”

Dunga has been having fantastic time in his second tenure as Brazil boss. He has managed the team six times so far since taking over from Scolari and in every game, the Selecao have emerged out winners.

Brazil’s next big target is to win the Copa America next year.