27 Replies to “FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 3-1 – Final League Des Champion HD”


  2. 4:00, he said, ‘xbox wal play station.’ those are the only words i understood by the commentator. oh and of course, ‘allahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!’ every time someone scored a goal. yaaaaaaaaa salammmmmm!!!

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  4. @Bolivian654 he can always shoot that hard. and yes it was wonder strike in a wonder moment. that takes a wonder player. messi tore apart the man u defense at will. he took his game to another level. of course he was man of the match

  5. cuando se le acercan los jugadores a roony para celebrar el gol le dicen…
    : – buen gol en fuera de juego pero tranquilo el arbitro no estaba mirando xDD

  6. @mrtubenew Thats really funny, but ummmmm last time i checked barca alerady has the best player of the world.. becasu thats what they do they recruit the best players around the world so that they can win championships.. And if you dont believe me they have the best goalie, the best two midfielders and of course Mesi..

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