Good Start for Fabio Silva in Porto

Santa Clara was beaten by FC Porto which made Fabio Da Silva the youngest to play ever that was held at the Dragon stadium. He was known to start in the blue and white team earlier and he was full of news too. He also had a record which belonged to Ruben Neves before. FC Porto somehow managed to start off the competition to capture the three points that had not happened since 2014, despite the fact that there were a lot of confusions and disadvantages for them during the match. There was a lack of interplay between the teammates, coaches tried to take benefit of minutes, and a stadium full of seats and pace. The first round for the championship somewhat looks like this which makes it difficult for the players to concentrate on the game. It is not that they desire to play well, but they need to prioritize amidst the tight schedule.



Fabio Silva is just 17 years of age and he has already become the young holder of all time surpassing the mark of the midfielder, Ruben Neves. The mark was held by FC Porto for more than 59 years. During the match held at the Dragon Stadium, Sérgio Conceição took the benefit of Porto as he gave several chances to Diogo Costa in the first half of the game. Diogo Costa made his debut officially in the first team for Porto. Sergio also gave opportunities to some of the players who were unused as well like Bruno Costa and Mbemba. He gave the chance to play in the first minutes of the match to Diogo Leite as well.

Manafá, Pepe, Diogo Costa, Alex Telles, Diogo Leite, Bruno Costa, Romario Baro, Mbemba, Fabio Da Silva, Nakajima, and Soares were the eleven players who played for FC Porto in the match against Santa Clara.

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