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  1. jesus fucking christ people. u guys talk shit like “Aawhh messi wouldn’t make it in other leagues” but if hes so shit then how come he scores for the champions league again and again. plus spain has the worlds strongest league followed by the EPL which means he goes up against the best every week so shut ur fucking face up and accept the fact hes the best cuz pele played for santos only and hes the best player of all time. enough from all u haters. go fuck a duck and just accept hes the best!!!

  2. @Torres71711 point well taken , however Pele , who is one of the greatest players only played for one team : Santos of Brazil, therefore you are measuring two players with two different rulers.
    Your argument is not applicable.

  3. messi cant be the best of all time… simple: he never leaves his shell(barca) the greatest players that ever played futbol challenged themselves. why do you think he is garbage internationally with Argentina? i mean Ronaldinho played consistent no matter where he played, brazil, italy, spain. Ronaldo consistent with portugal, england, and has matured in spain. think of it this way, if you play the same video game over and over again.. you end up being unchallenged overtime.

  4. Pele is the best footballer of all time.He can improvise like no ther player can.In a league of his own.Seen shots of him playing in his bare feet in the streets od Sao Paulo as a young fella controlling the ball and a ball of rope as if it was glued to his feet.A genius with no peers.Amen.If the ball was shaped like a turnip,it would make no difference to Pele.Amen.

  5. @1984gilipollas lol – Messi struggled against Milan because he sucks against organised defences, just like he struggled against Inter Milan. He can’t handle proper defenders. Whatever mate – you don’t know real football – think that it began three years ago when your shita shata team began to play. Its all temporary – like this season what have Barca actually done? Beginning to show cracks. Like I said before if there were real defenders today Messi would be a chef or a stacking shelves.

  6. am 22 and i dont think he’s the best player i have seen coz zinadene zidane is better than this guy and if u guyz cant see that then u really know nothing about soccer.

  7. @MrSmoothCriminal10 I don’t care if he is the best ever, only what he does for my club. He’s the best you have ever personally seen, enough of talking about players you never saw in your time.

  8. @aasimazam How did nesta have him in his pocket? It was a good battle between the 2. Messi set up a very important goal in that game after raping their defence and played well in general.

  9. @1984gilipollas Pele’s so called arrogance has nothing to do with it…all he said is that until Messi delivers for his country he cannot be considered as an all time great, thats why the 2014 world cup will be massive for him, if he leads Argentina to World Cup victory then Messi will probably go down as the greatest off all time…until then he isnt.

  10. @TheArsenalNasri maradona it leads to Argentina to be world champion, won because he had defenses to Brown, Oscar Ruggeri, of Nery Pumpido goalkepper and Valdano and Burruchuaga i were that led to Argentina to be a great champion with maradona, but not only, not tools
    Have the Same Messi defense, please Talk About When you think what you say football

  11. @TheArsenalNasri Messi is the best player of the moment, and the best player ever , when one player in the history has won the same titles that messi with 24 years? Maradona? jajaja please do not make me laugh, Maradona win the Mundial with Argentina had good defenses, but now Argentina only have Messi and 10 players more? Please shut up i enjoy the best player

  12. how do you stop Messi? Pit him against a real defenders! Real defenders like Zanetti and Nesta who had Messi in their pockets – who else is there apart from these two that could be called a “REAL” defender? Pepe? lol Vifid? Ferdinand? lol don’t make me laugh.

    World Cup is and always will be the standard – Messi needs to win one of those before he’s considered great. And like they are saying [sucking ass] he has all the modern advantages … he wouldn’t survive a game in the 90s!

  13. You don’t have to win a World Cup to be the best player ever. Maradona won the WC once with a brilliant Argentina team and the Brazil team with Pele was perhaps the best team ever, except for the Real Madrid team of the 50’s and Dutch team of 70’s. Pele, Carlos Alberto, Garrincha, Jairzinho, Zizinho and Ademir… Argentina have the players to win the WC but they don’t have a good manager. Messi dominated the last WC in Africa, he hit the woodwork 13 times in the whole tournament. He is the BEST.

  14. Messi is the best player in the world but not the greatest…even Pele said hes a great for Barca but not for Argentina and you have to deliver for both club and country…2014 world cup will be massive for Messi.

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