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  1. Not really that talented but he is a very intelligent player and a great decision maker, and plays with a lot of passion… just get him to stop diving

  2. Why hate? Chicharito is only beggining his career stop comparing him to players who have more experience than him… He’ll get his moment one day.

  3. @svennen999 really he is amazing for a backheader? make me laugh ahahahahahha ….. amazing is taking on 4 defenders and the goalie and score….also amazing is roberto carlos impossible goal…..

    wy dont u learn something about soccer and then talk ok

  4. @XxCriim1n4lxX

    Chicha don’t start attacks, he ends them, and in a way much better than any player i can think of at this time. Not many players gets the thought of scoring a goal with the back of their head, but chicha did what ha had to do and scored a goal! Amazing Football player, United forever <3

  5. @theyagniks first of all im talkin about CR7 not Old ROnaldo… n u r stupid neymar can score way better than that goal……. can chica take on lots of defenders in the 18yrd box and score? Can chica even start a play and finish it? If chica was so great of a player. wy did he only touched the ball like 4 times against barca… i can tell u knw nthin about soccer.

  6. @XxCriim1n4lxX dude 1:52 can ronaldo do dat? ok now i knw dat u ll give me 10 links to wat ronaldo CAN do but can neymar do dat? also dude its not possible for ppl to lyk only d best ever player ever ok. den nowadays NO1 repeat NO1 wud b luvd by football fans. so go pull down ur pants and put a dick up your ass! and o ya. now dat ronaldo has retired evry1 plays better football dan him. not only chica!

  7. @XxCriim1n4lxX so ur sayin neymar accomplished more cuz he turned down an offer from RM (for this season anyway) than chicharito did by signing with united?

  8. Haters will hate. Ignore it Mexico and United fans. It’s pointless to compare Chicharito and Ronaldo as their playing styles are largely different. Chicharito is an all and out striker, he thrives on good supply. Given the right feed, he can score more than Ronaldo’s 40 a season also. Ronaldo is a creationist, but is far more wasteful in front of goal as compared to Chicharito. At the end of the day, it comes down to what your team expects you to do. Chicharito is perfectly doing what Mufc need.

  9. @XxCriim1n4lxX he the best in the mexican team, he not better than ronaldo, plus ronaldo and chica are diff players entierly , ronaldo is a “ile take on any defender” player chica hangs on the last defender, chica can time his runs alot better than ronaldo

  10. @XxCriim1n4lxX Neymar had accomplished everything eh ? AHAHAHAHA ! And no he didn’t reject real madrid, he’s still going there, just when we wants to. And Man U is way better than Madrid anyway so who gives a shit ?

  11. i dont hate chicharo i hate how people (especially mexicans) think he is the greatest…..i had even herd he is better than ronaldo hahahahahahahah he is not even 10% as good as al mighty ronaldo . but if you guys really want a good player look up NEYMAR . at age 19 he had accomplish everything .. i think he had accomplish more than chicharo becasue he got an offer from Real Madrid n he denied it . so if you bitches keep on sayin chicharo is the best just pull ur pants down n a dik up ur ass

  12. @MrHitmaster47 on your comment you said “i hate him, why does everybody is talking about him”
    and yes he’s in the news a lot b/c in such a short year he’s doing a lot and is the person to be talked about just like when messi came out, ronaldinho, c.ronaldo etc etc they all had his moment and now this is his moment. if you go to gol tv you’ll see that neymar is being talk about a looooot too. and bojan is good but lately he’s be real off and i can say that b/c im a barca fan

  13. @LovellyUnited i love to see chicharito crying when he lose the champions against barca, hahahaha that was hilarious
    so comic to see i little stupid kid crying

  14. @itslittlechris no, i dont hate chicharito, i hate that everybody is talking about him, in the sportsnews they say that him is one of the best strikers of the world and thats not true,
    and like him there are alot of very good young players like, alexis sanches,bojan,pedrito,giovinco etc
    and i hate america,pumas,cruz azul
    my team is Pachuca “el equipo de mexico” the only team with a SUDAMERICANA

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