26 Replies to “Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal | The FA Cup 6th Round”

  1. The Brazilian boys are going to get better, they need to get rid of Rio now, and they are going to struggle inbetween the pipes. It will be Chelsea and Man Utd at the end of the season.

  2. @lupoulsen Arsenal played better for most of the match but unfortunately the defence let Manchester United score two goals. And both of those goals could have been easily prevented but Manchester made the most of the chances they got.

  3. my leagues that should have a youtube channel Premier league,bundesliga,calcio the mls , mexican , eufa cl, europa l , portuguese ligue 1, and euridivisie

  4. who needs winger when we got defenders like this? Got to admit i was worried when i realised our startin 11 had a load of defenders but it paid off lol

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