25 Replies to “Manchester United 2-1 Barcelona, Highlights | 30.07.2011”

  1. @EoLoLoIoOoT Your such a dumb bastard. De Gea, Evans, Rafael, Anderson, Cleverley, Young and Welbeck were not involved in the champions league final. I’m comparing this match to the champions league final. Man U have 3 players who started the final playing here, while barca have 6. I think it’s easy to understand. No point having this conversation with you when you don’t have a clue what’s going on.

  2. @EoLoLoIoOoT Sill cunt, i live in Manchester you stupid prick and have supported Man U since i was a kid so don’t go around calling me a glory hunter.

  3. @glenn26374 I like the way you keep mentioning that like tis relevant. In case you failed to notice Van Der Sar has retired and O’shea has left. Dimwit.
    To sort it out once and for all.
    De Gea- First team
    Evra-First Team
    Vidic-First team
    Evans- No
    Rafael- First team
    Nani- First team
    Anderson- 50/50
    Cleverley- No
    Young- 50/50
    Rooney-First team
    In total about seven first team players, Not three, Its a bit worrying when you cant tell the difference between seven and three,

  4. @EoLoLoIoOoT Here in this match 3 players from man utd started the champions league final, while barcelona have 6. We started less players from our first team. Rafael, anderson, cleverley, smalling and welbeck are not first team players. So you may get your facts right.

  5. @EoLoLoIoOoT WTF? Park is a United workhorse, every fan knows that, the fact that you’d even qestion that makes it blatantly obvious you know nothing about united. BTW there’s nothing to be embarrassed about considering at no point in this match did barca take the lead and when they equalised we scored another. Don’t talk of stuff you know little about.

  6. @glenn26374 Well done on twisting the facts there, seven of Man utd’s players are in their first team whilst only five of Barcelona’s players are in their first team. Will you challenge Barcelona? possibly, Uinted looked good against city in the community shield but that is far from beating Barcelona.

  7. @EoLoLoIoOoT Your a gimp. Barcelona started villa, pedro, iniesta, busquets, abidal and valdes. 6 first team regulars who started the champions league final. Man utd however only had 3 players who started the champions league final. They were rooney, vidic and evra. It’s a young man u team. We will challenge barca next season.

  8. @andybrithishandproud This is so adorable, your first team beats Barcelona’s reserves and you think that makes everything better, how cute and pathetic.

  9. @EoLoLoIoOoT Park plays all the big games and berbatov plays 9/10 league games and even played the semi final of the fa cup against city Get your facts right bellend

  10. @EoLoLoIoOoT You clearly don’t know shit about Man Utd if you think that was our first team. Park, Ferdinand, Hernandez, Valencia, Giggs, Berbatov were all absent.

  11. @cQuenzes Yeah I have, Man Utd were missing Fletcher and Hernandez.
    Whilst barcelona were playong without, Messi, Xavi, Pique, puyol, Alves and Mascherano
    Man Utd were practically playing their first team and they still only won by some dodgy defending.

  12. A loss is a loss, you bandwagoners. You wouldn’t be pulling all these excuses out of your asses when it’s United trying out reserves and it was Barca’s first team. Be men.

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