25 Replies to “Chicharito scores against Chelsea in the Champions League 12th April 2011”

  1. @allstarplaya1294 DUDE…you seriously need help! Whenever an internet troll like you vents their frustrations on the internet becaue its anonymous I feel like there’s possibly another Columbine in the works..get some help dude!

  2. @allstarplaya1294 You would be from the US, as am I. But even I am not ignorant enough to make such disgraceful and homophobic comments. Do the ghetto slums of LA not allow you to receive an education? Or are you too busy living the “hard knock life” that you never paid attention in an English class to develop a better manor of speech? Anyway, Chicharito is a legend in the making, with millions of adoring fans. Not that you’ll ever amount anywhere near him.

  3. @samwhitcombe123 the funny part is I’m American but I agree with every word you said. Unfortunately, the majority of people somewhat into football (soccer) think they know everything because they know who Rooney or Drogba is. Most American fans are band-wagoner idiots. Spot on there

  4. @allstarplaya1294
    1. its football not soccer. call it the right name instead of what the other fat-overweight-american pricks call it.
    2. Van Nistlroy scored more than anyone in the premierleagues history in 1 season. Im thinking thats abit of a legend.
    3. Hernandez doesnt just gets tap-ins hes made famous because of his movement off the ball and the runs he makes..
    4. Your a fat stupid american who lives in a place where instead of inventing your own sports you take ours and change the name

  5. @allstarplaya1294 Wow, mad much? He may not be as extravagant as the players you mentioned, nor have their technical abilities, but he doesn’t need to. What he lacks in that area he has in spades when it comes to positioning, timing, speed and finishing. So he fits seamlessly into United’s style of play which is very fast-paced and counterattack heavy. There’s no need to resort to shameless namecalling. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about and act like a douche to make up for it.

  6. @allstarpussy, DAM! I think you got a crush on my nigga CHEECH! Cuz you keep on talking about his face you jealous ass nigga! PURE HATING AT IT’S BEST.

  7. @allstarplaya1294 hahah you dont know shit dumb ass cunt!..its called football not soccer u wanker!!..you stupid yank are just stupid called it soccer stick to your own sport wanker!!!

  8. @allstarplaya1294 ur the ignorant bitch because pele was just like that u big peace of shit and its his first year playing in the premier league u think hes gonna be player like ronaldinho ronaldo and messi no he is a striker and a strikers job is to finish the plays not to start them cuz ronaldinho is a central attacking midfielder and messi and ronaldo are both wingers so fuck off and go learn your facts

  9. @Gostop1891 ur ignorant bitch tell me one player that has been successful just by doing fukin tapins u obviously dont know shit do u think messi ronaldo ronaldinho zidane henry or maradona or pele or any fukin legend has been a legend for being a goalhunter no motherfuker they actually had skill not like this faggot that just waits for goals to land on his feet….. u dont know shit fuck off and go back to playing with ur moms semen juice and learn some soccer faggot faced bitch

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