25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Edin Dzeko ● 2011-2012 ● HD ●”

  1. your all fucking retarded dzeko cant compare to ronaldo in any way, Ronaldo is legendary, dzeko is just a professional so shut the fuck up

  2. Džeko Can Eat the SHI* Out of your pooo type monkey big nose (pepe) huh pepe more like Peepee what a crap defender !!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  3. @dfred
    He spelt it in Bosnian Chubby Fat Midget fu*^in basterd PortuGIRL
    Why Are so many people from pourtuGIRL sooooo SmAlL????
    Smart One (at least u think)

  4. @SoccerStar070 jesam Bosanac ali pisem na englsekim da me razumiju stranci>.. I think Dzeko is one of the best players in the world, top 20, but i watch every singe game, and to be totally honest, hes not in the top 5, as much as i would like him to be. this is due to the frustrating times when he fucks up on a simple pass. who knows in 2 years DZEKO might be the best player in the world. all in all i support Dzeko and not Ronaldo…

  5. @emirlatif Are you retarded? Ronaldo passes way more than Dzeko and gets way more assists. In the last 2 seasons Dzeko has 10 assists and Ronaldo has 22 assists.

  6. Ronaldo is 10 times better than shit Dzeko. He is so overrated. LOL at all you stupid Bosnians who can’t admit it. Stop being biased. You know CR is better. FOOLS

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