13 Replies to “Fabio Coentrao VS LA Galaxy (First Half)”

  1. Oh and btw. Mou likes to publish inaccurate player positions. Sometimes they play at a completely different position than they have been listed as.

  2. WTF is wrong with you guys? Why see problems where there are none? Marcelo’s too good to be substituted. So why not let him play together with Coentrao? Coentrao seems to be playing as a left midfielder between Ronaldo and Marcelo. And he seems to like that! So let him!

  3. hes a lw or lb not on the right side play him where he is used to playing if they cant do that they shouldnt of bought him.. Im afraid for Coentrao I really hope he doesnt go downhill from here..

  4. He has not played center midfield, it’s error of ESPN, are Khedira and Granero who played that position ;]. FC has played in the left of attack (or right center).

    [the second half coming this week]

  5. his original posicion is in front he as ben recuate from back because benfica didn’t have a good LB land have two goods players in front dimaria and him!

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