Fabio da Silva

Just like every other star football players, Fabio da Silva was also born to make his on mark in the international football games. This star player was born on the 9th of July in the year 1990 in a place called Petropolis, which is also popularly known as ‘The City of Peter’. This place roughly takes about and hour’s time to reach when driving from Rio de Janeiro. This renowned footballer having a Brazilian background plays for one of the best premier league teams i.e. Manchester United. A very interesting fact about Fabio is that his brother twin brother, Rafael also plays for the same leading team and both were signed in February in the year 2007.

Taking Fabio da Silva’s history into account, he started playing football at the age of five years along with his twin brother and used to participate in the city’s five-a-side games in Petropolis. The first break was given to both of them by a representative of Fluminense who spotted them playing the five-a-side and soon they started playing for a club when they were only eleven years old then. He spent his learning years in the Xerem training center and lived in the same club, this helped him to transfer into a great player that he was destined to become.

When Fabio da Silva had just started of in his career in the local club called Boa Esperanca, he used to play as the defensive midfielder. In time when he joined the Fluminense club of Rio de Janeiro he then played for the spot of left back. This was the first turning point in Fabio’s career of football. The first international game he played in was that of Nike Premier Cup in Tokyo in the year 2005 and played for Fluminense team. The Manchester United’s scout. Les Kershaw spotted Fabio in Tokyo during the Nike Premier Cup and had placed a remarked that seeing the twins play he recollects ‘two little whippets’.

The manager of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson then received a call from Kershaw recommending him to sigh the Fabio and his brother for the club. After the Manchester United took permission from Fluminense, the twins travelled to Manchester to receive professional training in the year 2005. Very soon Fabio da Silva and his brother were approached by the scouts of Arsenal who offered them to fly to England and train with the Arsenal team without asking for any permission from Fluminense. Fabio’s mother believed in her etiquettes and advised her boys that they have been training with Fluminense since the age of eleven and hence they should show their loyalty.

Taking this into consideration Fabio and his brother turned down the offer and signed with Manchester United and they moved in January 2008. As per the club norms Fabio da Silva could not immediately start playing for the Manchester United club. He had to wait until his eighteenth birthday in the year 2008 and made his first appearance as a player of Manchester United on the 4th of August in the year 2008 itself.

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