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  1. Sorry, but i didnt see one parade which showed me that he is worth 20 Million Euros… in my eyes Mielitz from Werder Bremen is still the most talented goalkeeper in the world…

  2. @jef2907 Yeah Lindegaard couldn’t do anything about the two goals…and it was Jones’ fault for the third. Lindegaard called for it yet Jones didn’t listen to Anders. Lindegaard didn’t put a foot wrong.

  3. @fchoudhury13 Lol, you are completely joke. if you believe so, Marc-Andre ter Stegen has not prove anything in M’gladbach, neither Szczesny. Both of them are good yes, but not yet in comparison to De Gea. Yeah yeah, if you expect that kind of world class goalkeeping like Oliver Kahn, Schmeichel you need to give him at least 1-2 years.

    If you doesn’t understand what adaptability is, please shut the fuck up, you doesn’t even understand football.

  4. @jef2907 Who gives a fuck what he wins…he’s not good enough atm. And have you ever heard about Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Chesny of Arsenal? both are so much better than De Gea.
    Also he’s been axed from the United team and rightfully so 😀

  5. @fchoudhury13 Lol you joke. De Gea wins Europe U21 and UEFA CUP. NONE OF THE GK YOU MENTION EVER ACHIEVE IT. LOL

    HE is the finest talent in europe. Remember he is 20 years old

  6. @fchoudhury13 LOL you joke. De Gea is one of the most promising young GK in the entire World. He made terrific season in Spain. He is much more better than Vorm, Given, Adler, or Stargen or Neuer in terms of potential. He just need time to adapt and develop.

  7. @hataro4 So…Lindegaard has played teams better than Blackburn where the blooper keepr who’s Almunia’s long lost son made a huge mistake..and Lindegaard never made a mistake. The reason why Lindegaard has had to make fewer mistakes is because he can organise the defence and communication which is vital..

  8. @hataro4 Then Fergie made a huge mistake in that category in signing a overrated Spanish blooper keeper who’s the next Almunia..Fergie should have signed either Adler, Neuer, Given, Vorm or that young German keeper who’s way better than De Gea called Marc Andre ter Stargen..I’ve seen him play and he’s quality and will be or is better than the useless clown De Gea.

  9. @hataro4 Okay not sell him, but bench him for now, Lindegaard is fluent in English, gives a bollocking to the defence, charges down on players and will deal with ariel bombardment that De Gea shits his pants on…If De Gea keeps on starting, then he will make blunders and will cost us big time. I know he’s young and dropping him will shatter his confidence but who gives a fuck? Lindegaard has been patient, hasn’t thrown a tantrum and is way better than De Gea..START HIM FERGIE

  10. @hataro4 “He’s the best keeper in the league” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL man that is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year. Lindegaard, Reina, Chesny, Krul, Vorm, Friedel, Given are so much better than him. De gea is crap and too weak to be a goalkeeper.

  11. Now I’m not saying that he’s perfect, there’s some obvious areas that he needs to improve in. But the fact that halfway through his debut season, there’s already fans asking for him to leave or to benched is beyond a JOKE. De Gea clearly is the future, what good would dropping him do? How is he supposed to learn if he doesn’t make mistakes? The most remarkable thing about this all is that statistically, he’s the best keeper in the league?!!

  12. Meanwhile De Gea has come up against Man City (twice), Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs. He’s had to face 3 penalties, numerous 1 on 1’s where the defence left him completely exposed. Then there was THAT moment that Giggs moved out of the wall against Liverpool. Let’s not forget that he came here at 20 years old barely knowing a word of english.

  13. I want everyone who’s saying that Lindegarrd should be first choice to actually watch the 7 games he’s played in. He’s basically had 2 or 3 saves to make all game, no penalties to face, no 1 on 1’s to deal with, yet people still go on about his ‘clean sheets’. Infact, the one decent team he’s had to face was Benfica, who managed to put one past him. People also seem to forget the mistakes Lindegaard has made, all because they’ve never really cost us!

  14. @fchoudhury13 You know why you fans are asking too much for a 20 years old kid in the first season of in English football? because of his fucking transfer fee. if you exchange his price tag with lindegaard it would be totally different when he makes mistake compare to lindegarrd

  15. @fchoudhury13 It’s not possible for a 20 years old kid to get almost every game clean sheet in the first season of EPL. Face it you know nothing about being a goal keeper. If he was still in Spain he is a beast he knows how to control the defence and remember he help Atlectico win the Super cup when they faced inter. Stop being immature

  16. @fchoudhury13 Ok so you are asking a kid who has just been in England for 5 months and expect him to not make any mistakes, he don’t even know fucking English and you expect him to communicate with the defence? Ok put yourself in De gea’s shoes and feel like when you replace Van der sar. That’s Sir alex is fucking playing him more. He can fucking serve the club for the next 10 – 15 years. Give him 2 – 3 years at most he’ll be the world best.

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