Fabio Da Silva Finds His Success In His Trainees

Most footballers who retire usually look forward to continuing in coaching careers.

Fabio da Silva is one such player who looks forward to coaching future generations who will then move on to greater heights and achievements. Fabio, who is 42 years of age, has been coaching football and he has been doing so for the last 12 years. He is part of the Meridian Junior College, where he has helped the boys to win about eight titles till date.

Between the four coaches, William Chua, Fabio da Silva, Kok Mun Wai and Adrian Chong, there are almost seven decades of experience in coaching different football teams in Singapore. They have been instrumental in helping their respective teams win about 60 titles nationally. They swear by the one thing that assures success and that is hard work. Fabio talks about how it is like to grow up in Rio de Janeiro, where every lane has kids playing football. He stated that he had the same dream as every other Brazilian boy; to become a footballer professionally and be able to travel the world. That dream came true for him when he signed up for Desportiva FC, a local club. This he achieved at the age of 15. He received his first offer to play for Police FC in Singapore in 1995.

Since then he has been part of south East Asian teams, spending about nine years in the region where he played in the Malaysia Premier League I as well as played the Singapore Cup finals. He retired from the active games in 2003. Since then he has been coaching, his first stint being with Canadian Pizza Football Academy. He started to coach in 2005 at the Meridian Junior College, where he helped the team develop into a successful team that has won several titles in the region.