35 Replies to “Manchester United vs Chelsea – 2010/11 – Ultimate Rivalry”

  1. @TheManGuyDude. I Have one word for you, BARCELONA !!!!!!!!!! . A Club self funded, By there own fans, And not making money out of a disaster. When i travel around the world, And meet fans of other clubs, From Aldershot to Zagreb, You can have a decent conversation, About Football with them, Not United fans, They talk complete bollocks, Esp the ones from Manchester, Arrogant, Wankers, The lot of them.

  2. @shedendboy1 There’s 1 fucking big difference. The money that united spend was generated by the club ITSELF. Not through some rich sugar daddies like city or chelsea. We would still be the richest club if it wasn’t for some fucking yanks that put us in such a debt.

  3. @gavocrazy
    I hope you get shot at.
    Manchester United isn’t just a team. It’s a Family.
    Anyone who is a fan of Manchester, may be considered my brother/ sister.
    More than just a club.

  4. you have to admit even though we hate eachother (Man U & Chelea) we do have some great games, better than Real Vs Barca if you ask me. So enough of the nonsense about “Fuck your team”. Lets just enjoy the great games by the 2 top current teams.

  5. @Mrfunnkyjedi, What a load of bollocks, United`s success, Was built on the Munich air crash. And trying to buy the league for years, Before Romans money, You was spending 30mil on Rio, 25mil on Veron,19mil on horseface, Atkinson spent millions on players. You Just dont like it when other clubs Like Chelsea & Man city can outbid you nowdays.

  6. @1308Ghosty Chelsea would be nothing without the RUSSIANS CASH. United earned there cash and success the hard way, not with a billionaire sugar daddy.

    nuff said.

  7. @spuddeluxe Chelsea are a team built with a russian man’s cash, United are a team built on success which has brought cash and allowed them to stay successfull, chelsea will never be United.

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