25 Replies to “Manchester United vs Hangzhou Greentown 8-2 HQ (HD) MUFC Asia”

  1. @eafanboyssuck
    LOL.. That’s not what i’m sayin. I’m saying that they are skilled those sports, to answer what you asked in the first place.. Not where the sports were invented..
    So Spain can not be good at football because it was invented in England??

  2. @eafanboyssuck They are ranked 10th in the world in basketball by FIBA may not be number 1 but still top ten. Aren’t they good at karate, teak wondo, and such stuff?? Karate isn’t voted in for the olympics but I still consider it a sport.. China had 579 athletes in the summer olympics 2008, may not be a high number in terms of pr capita, however, they don’t have the same opportunities down there, as we in the western countries do.

  3. talkin about these days u united fans wot u think of obertan anybody see his skill in the champions leaugue when he set up owen for his second…tellin uns he is a future star for united

  4. Tosic is the best player and he will be big for 1-2 years when he should play for first team and then you will see he is better than CR and Messi together !

  5. Ha ha ha…I love the intro. Really shows Manure for what they are. Commercial whores ready to sell their arse to any nation that will but their corporate shit.

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