22 Replies to “Manchester – Blue Moon vs Red Flare”

  1. And I would safely bet my house on the fact that maybe 3% of United’s fan base is in Manchester.. The rest are dumbass kids who go for a team that wins and grow up to be little cunts. No passion no support hardly any REAL fans of United out there.

  2. All Manchester United and Mister Ferguson are is just a knock off Leeds United and we are Derby!! Come to knock you off your fat fucking high horse. But we are here to stay.

  3. Shameful fanbase?When your fans attend the United Stadium in their fancy”blue seat” costumes?I remember against Sunderland at 3-1 some of your fans left the stadium early.Shameful players?Tevez anyone?Shameful drunk manager? One of the most successful managers in the world,highly respected by many managers and players?
    You clearly are speaking on a subject you have no authority on.As the saying goes”It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt

  4. It would be funny to see City capitulate a la earlier when the pressure was on…I had a go at United fans who had out their champagne and I’ll do the same to the minority ignorant City faithful who unlike their more well grounded counterparts think that a swallow makes a summer. I wonder how many times it’ll take ppl to understand you NEVER write off Manchester United.

  5. this is a really well made video ! sure hope you have one big match like real madrid vs barcelona too ! please do send me a message if you have made that video 😛

  6. United.. All I can say is shameful, shameful fan base shameful players shameful drunk manager. All you do is cheat and suck penis! Granny shagger Rooney!! It’s only 3-1 30,00 empty seats and it’s only 3-1! It’s only 4-1 40,000 empty seats and it’s only 4-1! It’s only 5-1! 50,000 empty seats and it’s only 5-1!! It’s only 6-1! 60,000 empty seats and it’s only 6-1!! City till I die!!

  7. Swallow your tongue fool, you would think that the season is over with these little glory hunting upstarts who dare have a go at Britain’s biggest club. 2 games to go sunshine, Newcastle away wouldn’t be a walk in the Park(pun intended)

  8. forget the bottom 5 thing, CITY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry if i sound like i’m bragging because i’m really did’nt intend to be bragging) vincent kompany is a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. City won fair and square, you can’t deny that fact. The ref did a good job tonight. I thought he got some bad calls against City and against United, but it’s part of the game. Get over it. I’m just glad Young didn’t try to flop in the box to save the game.

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